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White Topaz and Pink Sapphire Double Heart Ring Sterling Silver, September Birthstone Ring, Two Stone Ring, Friendship Ring, Mother's Ring

  • $40.00

Delicate colors in a delightful combo. This pink sapphire and white topaz nestle in a double setting of sterling silver.

White Topaz:
Shape: heart
Size: 1.0 ct combined
Dimensions: 5mm
Clarity: VVS
Treatment: none
Origin: Brazil

Pink Sapphire:
Shape: Heart
Size: 0.50 ct
Dimensions: 5mm
Clarity: VVS
Lab created

Unlike simulated pink sapphire, lab created pink sapphire is identical to natural earth-mined sapphire. Simulated pink sapphire is made to imitate the look of a natural sapphire, but it does not have the same chemical and physical properties. Lab created pink sapphire is composed of the same material as natural pink sapphire, and it has the same properties. Lab created pink sapphire is physically and chemically indistinguishable from natural pink sapphire. Laboratories are able to create high quality pink sapphires with vivid colors and perfect clarity, which is extremely rare with natural sapphire gemstones.

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