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Emerald Marquis and CZ Ring Sterling Silver, May Birthstone Ring, Emerald Marquis Ring, 925 Sterling Marquis Ring

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This May birthstone marquis ring is made with a lab created emerald and two white CZ's on a 925 sterling silver band. The emerald is a 5x2.5mm marquis shaped stone and the CZ's are 2mm round stones. You will be prompted to select your ring size when you add this emerald ring to your cart. Please contact me before purchasing if you would like this sterling silver emerald marquis ring made with a different gemstone.

Emerald stone:
Shape: marquis
Size: 0.15 ct
Dimensions: 5x2.5mm
Clarity: VVS
Lab created

White CZ's:
Shape: round
Size: 0.12 ct total
Dimensions: 2mm
Clarity: VVS
Color: white

Unlike simulated emerald, lab created emerald is identical to natural earth-mined emerald. Simulated emerald is made to imitate the look of natural emerald, but does not have the same chemical and physical properties. Lab created emerald is composed of the same materials as natural emerald, and has the same properties. Lab created emerald is physically and chemically indistinguishable from natural emerald. Laboratories are able to create high quality emerald with vivid colors and perfect clarity, which is extremely rare with natural gemstones.

There are many ways to create most lab created gemstones, however since emerald belongs to the quartz family, the only way to successfully grow them is hydrothermally. This process requires heat and pressure, imitating the conditions deep in the earth that forms natural emeralds. The hydrothermal growth of emeralds is slow and expensive which makes them more expensive than lab created rubies and sapphires. Natural emeralds are full of imperfections, often hidden by coating the gemstone with oil. These imperfections cause the natural emeralds to break or chip easily. Lab created emeralds do not have imperfections, which makes them sturdier than natural gemstones. Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, and are the traditional birthstone for May.

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