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Lab Created Gemstones

What are lab created gemstones?

Unlike simulated or glass stones, lab created stones are identical to natural earth-mined stones. Simulated stones are made to imitate the look of natural gemstones, but they do not have the same chemical and physical properties. On the other hand, lab created gemstones, such as sapphires, alexandrite, and emeralds are composed of the same materials as their natural counterparts, and have identical properties.

Lab created gemstones are physically and chemically indistinguishable from natural gemstones. Additionally, laboratories are able to create high quality stones with vivid colors and perfect clarity, which is extremely rare with natural gemstones.

At Brilliant Sparkles Jewelry, we offer lab created sapphires (blue, pink, white, yellow, and orange), lab created emeralds, color change alexandrite, and ruby.



Here we have our lab created, color change alexandrite gemstone. Displayed in a sterling silver setting. 

A beautiful lab created emerald in oxidize sterling silver. The band is decorated with sterling leaves.

A stunning ruby shines in this sterling silver setting accented with white CZs. 


A lab created blue sapphire and baby blue aquamarine complement each other in this sterling silver two stone ring.



This cheerful ring is made with a lab created orange and yellow sapphire in sterling silver. 

This pretty pink sapphire is set in a delicate rose setting in sterling silver.



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