Free shipping on all orders over $30 within the U.S.


What is my ring size?

Please see the ring sizing chart here to determine your ring size here


What if my new ring doesn’t fit?

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we accepts returns or exchanges within 14 days of receipt. We would be happy to resize your new ring or exchange it for you. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards are available here.

What is my birthstone?

January (garnet), February (amethyst), March (aquamarine), April (diamond), May (Emerald), June (pearl and alexandrite), July (ruby), August (peridot), September (sapphire), October (opal and tourmaline), November (citrine), December (blue topaz, tanzanite, and turquoise).


Do you make custom jewelry?

Of course! We would be happy to make a custom piece for you. We can make any of our products with different stones or metals. Please contact us at or at our contact page here


When will my order ship?

Orders are processed within 1-2 weeks and shipped from our location in Madison, Wisconsin. First class mail takes approximately 2-3 business days within the U.S.


What are lab created stones?

Lab created stones have identical chemical and physical properties to natural earth-mined stones. Click here for more information.


What is blue topaz?

Blue topaz starts out as a colorless white topaz, and is then heated and irradiated to achieve a beautiful blue color. This process is permanent and the color will not fade over time. Blue topaz comes in light blue (sky blue topaz), medium blue (Swiss blue topaz), and dark blue (London blue topaz). Click here for more information.


What is sleeping beauty turquoise?

Sleeping beauty turquoise is only mined at the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe, Arizona, which is now closed. This type of turquoise has a pure blue color, without veins or webs (which occurs in most turquoise). Click here for more information.